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Integrated data logger for the textile industry


ATF 750 is an integrated data logger for the textile industry.
Data entry and defects recording through touch screen.

Information about the defects in each roll are displayed on the screen both graphically and in table format, and can be reviewed and modified.
It is possible to have the roll quality automatically calculated, basing on the number of defects or the total demerit points.

Printing of packing lists:
At the end of each lot (or when necessary) it is possible to obtain the automatic printing of a personalized packing list.

Production statistics:
Since all data about produced rolls and registered defects are stored in a local database, it is then possible to visualize and print personalized statistics.

Integration with customer’s ERP:
The software is customized to allow data exchange with existing computer systems

Label printing:
The software allows the printing of customized labels.
Different labels can be stored locally on each PC and recalled by the operat